All our gifts come from God and we are called to give back to the church and our world. All gifts to House of Prayer contribute to our ministry and mission and are greatly appreciated, thank you!

If you would like to give online, you can do that using the form above.
*Please note you must create a login if you'd like to set up a recurring donation*

If you'd like a copy of this year's pledge form, you can download that here.

If you have any questions about giving, memorial donations, offering envelopes, or other financial things please contact Jo Shoberg, our Financial Administrator, at or (612) 500-9528.

A note about the different funds:

There are two main avenues for giving financial support for the ministry and mission of House of Prayer: the operating fund and dedicated funds. The operating fund is the repository of regular offerings from the congregation and provides funding for ministry, staff, and building maintenance.  We also have several dedicated accounts which allow for special gifts to be made for pre-approved projects. Each of our areas of strategic focus (Youth and Family, Worship, Discipleship, and Community Engagement) have dedicated funds which provide funds for special projects or new initiatives. The facility fund is used for unanticipated repairs or capital improvements. The benevolence fund funds our mission partners who serve the Kingdom both locally and globally.