Sunday School

Each Sunday morning from September through May we offer Sunday School during both our 9:30 and 11:00 services for children age 4 through 4th grade. Families worship together for the first 10-15 minutes of the service before kids head to the classrooms to explore Bible stories through art, games, videos, science experiments, drama, and more! Typically we spend 3 weeks on each Bible story & explore it differently each time so all students can learn and grow in ways that make sense to them. These lessons are taught by teams of dedicated volunteers from our congregation who care about your children and want to help them grow in faith. If you have questions or are interested in volunteering with Sunday School, please contact Ben Whalen at either or 612-500-9523.


Children's Music

Each week in Sunday School, kids experience music that gets them moving, reinforces the lessons, and gives them a chance to explore their talents. Throughout the year they'll have the opportunity to share those talents as they lead us in worship with their songs. Music also plays a big role in the Christmas Program each December. Mindy Mennicke is our Sunday School Music Director and can be reached at

Vacation Bible School

Each summer we host Vacation Bible School for one week in the evening for preschool and elementary aged children. We start with dinner together and then have time for songs, crafts, Bible stories, drama, and games, all to learn more about our Christian faith and have fun together. Last summer our theme was "Backstage with the Bible" and children got VIP passes to meet the "rockstars" of several Bible stories and sing some really great music as they explored the lessons.
In 2018, our VBS theme will be "Shipwrecked" and will happen July 23-26 in the evenings. You can register through the link below for children to attend or volunteers to help out! Contact Ben Whalen at or 612-500-9523 with any questions.


Summer Activities

We have several opportunities for children & families each summer! Last year we had our first Family Mission Trip to Madison, WI for a long weekend. Pictured here is some of the group hosting a picnic for a senior center on that trip. In 2018, our Family Mission Trip is to the Duluth/Superior area. These trips are specifically designed to be open to ALL ages and are a great way to serve together and meet other families in church.

House of Prayer also has a strong connection to Luther Park Bible Camp in Danbury, WI. Luther Park offers week-long summer camps, half-week options for young children, family camps, grandparent & kid camps, and much more! Check out their website at to learn more. To help make camp possible, we will gladly cover $50 of the cost for any children to attend camp and further scholarship money is available if needed.


Children are a precious part of our community. Thank you for your support and acceptance of them as important members of the congregation. I ask you to pray about how you might have a spiritual role in the lives of our children. Consider ways to reach out to them in worship, volunteer with their programs, or simply  connect with them during coffee hour! How will you be a part of passing on faith to the next generation?

Questions? Contact Ben Whalen, Director of Youth Ministry & Community Development, at 612-500-9523 or